No 4G support for 4G iPad for Australia - Here's why?

No 4G support for 4G iPad for Australia - Here's why?

Earlier, we find out that the iPad – sorry, the new iPad – will be coming out with a 4G version. However, Australia will be missing out of experiencing this – and its because how Telstra and Optus built their 4G LTE network. The bands they use are not supported by this iPad.

Currently, the Wi-Fi + 4G model supports 700MHz and 2100MHz bands. Telstra and Optus both have decided to use the 1800MHz band – which, incidentally, is being supported as a GSM/EDGE network. But why do that? Well, Telstra and Optus currently use the 2100MHz bands for their 3G networks – understandable, as most of the world does too.

And actually, most of the world will miss out. A Wikipedia page on LTE networks show that only a few support 700MHz or 2100MHz bands. Most support the 800MHz band or 1800MHz bands.

However, if you’re still looking for a mobile network to connect to the internet with your iPad, still buy the new version. It supports 3G as well – and Australia’s all three major carriers’ bands are supported. So, if you want to use data, you still can.

Just not 4G.

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