Nintendo unveils new Nintendo DSi, online store - coming on Nov. 1 in Japan

Nintendo unveils new Nintendo DSi, online store  - coming on Nov. 1 in Japan

ScreenShot039Nintendo has officially announced the brand new Nintendo DSi, and according to our sources – it is to be 12 percent thinner. However, unlike the previous DS Lite, it will ditch the GBA slot entirely. As well, it will bring in two built-in cameras, one at the front and one at inside at the centre (with a rumour saying that one will be in VGA resolution).

Also, the new DSi will add an SD card slot and will have internal storage, but we don’t know how much; and will have new multimedia capabilities. The screen has been given an upgrade, now it is 3.25 inches; and there will be a free browser application, and a new UI. Finally, photos taken from the cameras can be synced to the Wii Photo Channel.

Nintendo is also launching a “DSi Shop”, selling content directly over Wi-Fi. Prices will be tied into Nintendo’s Nintendo Points “currency”, previously known as Wii Points; and will use 0, 200, 500 and 800-point tiers. As a bonus, you will be given 1,000 Nintendo Points until March 2010.

It is implied that it will not be competing with the Nintendo DS, however; as the company is calling it a “third platform”. It will launch on November 1, in black and white colours, and will cost ¥189,000 (US$178) in Japan.

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