Nintendo to bring out new controller?

Nintendo to bring out new controller?


Joining the long list of controllers and accessories for the Wii, like the Wii Remote, the Nunchuk, The Classic Controller, The Wheel shell, the Wii Zapper, the Balance Board and the old GameCube controller; Nintendo has decided to bring out a brand new controller.

Called the Classic Controller PRO, the new controller is set to either replace the old Classic Controller or just be another accessory for the Virtual Console. This would, hopefully, bring an end to the problems on playing games on the Wii Classic Controller, since it is just a flat, rounded controller, without the comfortable design.

It is obviously larger, and will have the same button arrangement as the GameCube controllers, with the home button added.

However, I wish it would just use the damn GameCube port, but it would never happen as apparently wireless is the main focus – even though there’s a freaking damn wire between the Wii Remote and the controller.

Anger aside, the controller is a huge improvement. Release date and pricing has not been announced.

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