Nintendo shows off a new DS... again

Nintendo shows off a new DS... again

Ahh… it looks like Nintendo is milking the DS again with the newly officially announced Nintendo 3DS at E3.  For all you Avatar fans, you will happily to know that 3D gaming has finally arrived, and without the clunkly glasses.

The Nintendo 3DS has minor changes from the latest DS product – Nintendo DSi XL, with the change is weight, size and the screen size.  The Nintendo 3DS has decreased in from 413 grams (approx. 11 oz) to 230 grams (8.1 oz).  That means good news for you gamers who does not like lugging the heavier DSi XL.  The dimensions of the 3DS is from 161mm x 91.4mm x 21.2mm to 130mm×74mm×20 mm. Screen size is the biggest change for the 3DS with two completely different screens.  The upper or top screen is 3.53 inches while containing 800×240 pixel resolution, in which 400 pixels are allocated to each eye, giving the 3D vision without 3D glasses. For the lower screen is now 3.02 inches with 320×240 pixels and touchscreen (of course).

Now for the new features included in the 3DS.  Firstly, a ‘slide pad’ which allows a 360-degree analogue input.  Secondly, a third camera, as two are never enough.  The third camera is located on the outer part of the 3DS.  Another new feature is the 3D depth slider, which allows the user to change the 3D effect, either by scaling the effect down, or completely disable the 3D viewing effect completely.  Other new features include motion and gyro sensors.

As usual, Nintendo has once again revolutionise the gaming world, and hopefully the fans (and Avatar fans) will not be disappointed.

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