Nintendo reveals new information for Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo reveals new information for Nintendo 3DS

At the Nintendo press conference of the Nintendo 3DS Nintendo has unveil information about the Nintendo 3DS.  Aside from the pre-known information, such as the cameras and the circle pad; the new information unveil are the ‘spot pass’, located on the top right corner with allows the Nintendo 3DS to download content from the varies Hot Spot. When the ‘spot pass’ lit green, the player is alerted to download that has occur.

One of the partners, Euro Sport will use the Hot Spot to all people to download 3D sport gaming. If the sport games don’t fancy you, Shawn the Sheep, the popular cartoon show, will be available via ‘spot pass’. Note that most of the Hot Spot downloads is in Europe.

‘Street Pass’ is the connection between many Nintendo 3DS via near physical contact.  The ‘Street Pass’ will allow the player to download other players Mii and gaming information.  The gaming information that is  supplied is the latest game played by the person.  The user is allow to view all the Mii collected via ‘Street Pass’ via an application.

Some applications build into the system are Activity Tracker, 3D Camera, Argument Reality, and Face Raiders.  The Activity Tracker will track a person’s distance. The 3D Camera will allow the player to take images of a person and translate them onto a Mii look-a-like.  Argument Reality allow the player to take advantage of the gyroscope and the 3D imaging to allow the player to complete gaming task with AR cards, which is use the outer camera to produce 3D images onto the Nintendo 3DS.  Face Raiders is a game that allows the player to take head images and place them onto a moving target which allows the player to shoot the targets.

An eShop will include many beloved games from earlier Nintendo console available to download and as well as new applications.

The Nintendo 3DS will be released in Europe on March 25th, 2011 and in the United States March 27th, 2011 retailing at $249.99. The retail price will varies based on the resellers in Europe.  A promise that by the end of the June, the amount of games that will be available will be roughly 20+..

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