Nintendo reveals more Zelda, Yoshi and Donkey Kong for the Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo reveals more Zelda, Yoshi and Donkey Kong for the Nintendo 3DS


Nintendo’s Nintendo Direct in the early hours of the morning revealed more first-party games that will come to Australian shores towards the end of the year. Coming soon to the Nintendo 3DS include new Zelda games, another Mario and Luigi game called Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Bros, and the return of Yoshi in a new Yoshi’s Island instalment for the 3DS.

There will be a new game for the Zelda series – one set in the world of the Super NES’ A Link to the Past. It will use the 3D abilities of the 3DS and allows Link to move between walls (by becoming a drawing). That game is coming in the end of the year. Nintendo will also bring out Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Season for the Gameboy Colour to the Virtual Console – and they come out on May 30.

Luigi returns as part of its “Year of Luigi” celebrations – with Nintendo confirming that July 13 is the release date for Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Bros. They will also launch a new game in the Mario Party series that will feature seven different game boards, and 81 new minigames. As well, they will play minigames through AR cards – remember those?

Donkey Kong comes back with two games with Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D – an update for the Wii game of the same name with eight new stages after completing the main game; and Mario and Donkey Kong: Minis on the Move, an eShop game that places tiles on the bottom screen to guide Mini characters to the top. Country Returns 3D comes out on May 25, while Minis on the Move will be released on May 9.

Nintendo has also confirmed Bravely Default, produced by Square Enix for the Nintendo 3D. It has been already released in Japan (last year in fact). The title is only temporary for Western audiences, according to Nintendo, so expect a name change soon. Europeans will get the game some time this year, while the Americans will have to wait next year.

The Nintendo Direct wasn’t solely on the 3DS, however. There was some Wii U news as well – EarthBound is coming to the Virtual Console, while New Super Luigi U is scheduled for a winter release.

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