Nintendo posts net loss - first in seven years

Nintendo posts net loss - first in seven years

With declining demand for the Nintendo Wii and the delay of the highly-praised Nintendo 3DS to next year rather than sometime before the big Holiday Shopping season, Nintendo has posted a net loss during the April-September financial period, the first net loss in the last seven years.

Nintendo posted a net loss of 2.01 billion yen for the first fiscal half, with operating profit for the period falling to 54.23 billion – down 48 percent – and revenue fell 34 percent to 363.16 billion yen, down from 548.06 billion yen. The result are, however, were in line of market expectations as Nintendo had warned of lower results.

With this, Nintendo is also saying that it’s profit for the financial year will drop as well, as the Wii sales are dropping after the three year hype that caused almost everyone to get one. As well, because of Nintendo does not have any big launches for the rest of the year, this could also explain the finanical warning.

It has sold 75.9 million Wii console units, and 135.6 million DS units – the exact breakdown of the DS variants is not known. Software-wise, Nintendo sold 610 million units for the Wii and 773.3 million units for the DS.

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