Nintendo mass announce game releases, plans stronger second half

Nintendo mass announce game releases, plans stronger second half

Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword - one of the upcoming games for Nintendo this year.

Nintendo has decided to announce a big bumper list of all the games that are being planned for their Wii, 3DS and DS consoles. And while the DS isn’t getting much love from the big titles, the Wii and 3DS seem to have a stronger line-up than the first half of the year.

In the Nintendo 3DS front, Ubisoft is putting the largest amount of games for the console, but it appears they are simply are children-orientated games or based on franchises it has the gaming rights to. Though, some of the big titles have been given somewhat exact dates that they will be released on. Star Fox 64 3D is set to be released on September 11; while METAL GEAR SOLID 3D SNAKE EATER is set for a Winter release (or Summer here).

The Wii sees not much games for the hardcore gamers, with Nintendo seems to be the only one publishing games that aren’t meant for children. Though, for those wanting to know, Nintendo is planning to release another Wii Play game – called Motion – on June 13.

You can find all the releases below, after the jump.

Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo Wii

Nintendo DS

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