Nintendo brings out wireless keyboard, new Pokemon typing game

Nintendo brings out wireless keyboard, new Pokemon typing game

Nintendo is trying to milk out more money from the DS before it is soon replaced by the much-hyped Nintendo 3DS. And its latest addition is something that we weren’t expecting – a QWERTY keyboard. And it’s for one game only – Battle & Get! Pokemon Typing DS. Yes, it’s another useless Pokemon game.

The keyboard is a wireless Bluetooth keyboard. However, the Bluetooth reciever is in the Pokemon Typing DS cartridge, so you are pretty much limited to one game. The game’s focus, however, is to basically teach kids how to type – and what a perfect way to teach kids how to spell, especially with ridiculous names for Pokemon such as Phione and Rhyperior.

The keyboard is only there so little children can learn how to type without looking at the screen – at least that would be some benefit for little programmers out there.

But while the game isn’t for you, since it is Bluetooth, it is theoretically can connect to other devices such as the iPhone and Android phones. However, it isn’t guaranteed by Nintendo.

The game is to be released in Japan in April. And don’t expect this to be released outside of Japan.

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