Nintendo 3DS to launch 25 March in Europe, 27 March in North America

Nintendo 3DS to launch 25 March in Europe, 27 March in North America

While Australian availability has not been announced, Nintendo has announced the dates when the Nintendo 3DS will be on sale for many gamers for those in Europe and in North America – on the 25 March and 27 March respectively.

The new gaming console has been priced at $249.99 in North America, and this could mean that the console could be between the $250 – $350 price range when it hits Australia. As well, expect the console to be released in Australia between March 25 and before the start of E3, as that is when Nintendo calls it its “launch window”, but expect it nearer to the launch dates of the two continents.

The portable gaming console will be able to replicate 3D graphics without the need of glasses, and at the press event held earlier in the morning (Sydney time) at Amsterdam, the company revealed a new feature called “AR Cards” that will read content on specially-made cards and produce an animation, a la a barcode reader.

At launch, the console will feature 30 new titles, including nintendogs + cats and Steel Driver.

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