Nintendo 3DS to go pink to attract the ladies

Nintendo 3DS to go pink to attract the ladies

I apologise for the title, but still it sums up what Nintendo is trying to get at. They have announced a pink colour version of the Nintendo 3DS at its Nintendo 3DS conference. Yes, pink. No sorry, I mean lightish red. A very, very, very lightish red in fact.

Dubbed the “Misty Pink”, the colour scheme is attract – according to TechCrunch – the ladies to the brand. Yes, it’s a desperate attempt to get the ladies playing games. Why? Well, Nintendo’s female-to-male ratio is pretty low the Nintendo standard of 50%. So it means that Nintendo is trying really hard to become a gender-neutral platform, or they really just love the colour pink lightish red.

That would also explain why there is a GIRLS MODE game coming out for Japan.

Anyway, the console is set to hit Japan on October 15 and will be priced the same as the regular models at 15,000 yen. No plans for international availability as of yet – so sorry to those who love the colour pink lightish red.

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