Nintendo 2DS coming to Australia on October 12 for $150

Nintendo 2DS coming to Australia on October 12 for $150

Nintendo 2DS Black + Blue

During the night, Nintendo announced the Nintendo 2DS – its brand new 3DS console but removes the 3D and the clamshell design for more of a ‘slate look’. Well, Nintendo Australia has confirmed that the 2DS is coming to Australia and New Zealand on October 12 with a price tag of $150.

The Nintendo 2DS will feature all of the features of the 3DS, minus the 3D component (which, to be honest, people rarely used anyway). It will include StreetPass and access to the Nintendo eShop store.

Given that the 3DS XL is around $250 retail – the 2DS is $100 less and will let you play all the upcoming 3DS games such as Pokemon X and Y. Coincidentally, October 12 is also the launch date for Pokemon X and Y, so there is a possible chance that they will bundle the console with the game in order to get those young (and somewhat old) Pokemon fans.

No word if Nintendo Australia plans to bring the price cut to the Wii U Deluxe Edition, however. It appears likely to be a US-only move in response to the PlayStation 4’s price.

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