Next Burnout Game leaked by Australian Classification Board

Next Burnout Game leaked by Australian Classification Board

The Australian Classification Board has revealed that the next title in EA’s popular Burnout series will be called Burnout Crash.

The game, still yet to be announced by EA, will be released on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 according to Gamerbytes who discovered the game on the OFLC website as well as social network LinkedIn.

Gamerbytes speculates that games leaked by ratings boards are usually downloadable games. We also think that, seeing as the game got a PG rating, compared to Paradise’s M rating, it’ll likely be downloadable.

It could also be an add-on for Burnout Paradise, seeing as that game lacked the Crash mode from Burnout 3. Still, it’s all currently speculation.

We’ve contacted Electronic Arts for comment on the leak.

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