Newegg to ship directly from Australian distributors starting Monday

Newegg to ship directly from Australian distributors starting Monday


Californian computer retailer Newegg will begin shipping directly from Australian distributors Monday, with a dedicated local warehouse expected to follow in the coming months.

The retailer, popular amongst gamers and DIY PC builders, previously introduced Australian pricing to the site in 2014, although continued shipping products from their US warehouse.

From Monday Newegg will bring 50,000 products to Australian shores, using existing local distributors. Some products won’t be initially available, leaving plenty of room for growth.

There are also plans to start introducing Australia-specific sales, such as a possible Australia or Boxing Day sale. Although James Merk, Director of Brand Marketing at Newegg, also admitted that it was sometimes difficult to realise potential sales events without an Australian background.

Merk spoke candidly to TechGeek about the success of the site in Australia, noting that Australia was one of, if not the, most successful international expansions for the retailer.

The so-called ‘Australia Tax’ may have had an influence on this success, although the scale of Newegg surely helped as well. As the 2nd largest online retailer in the US, their scale obviously allows them to build better relations with manufacturers.

Merk also spoke of Newegg’s proactive US customer service, specifically his hope to bring similar service to Australia. This includes helping customers even when they’ve stuffed up, pointing out recent efforts to keep communities such as Reddit and Twitter happy. ‘The customer is always right’ you might say. Whether this will translate as easily as lower-prices is another question altogether, with expectations of product-return turn-arounds not exactly specified just yet.

As always, keep it locked to TechGeek for an idea of how competitive this new launch actually is.

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