New: Wiimote charging station is on the way

New: Wiimote charging station is on the way


This gadget is the must have Wii accessory for all Wii gamers. (Image: Penguin United).

The image above, as you can see, is the latest Wii accessory that everyone is talking about. This allows you to recharge four Wiimotes, so you can be prepared if you have guests that want to play Super Smash Bros. Brawl (I am addicted to that game).

The 4X Quad Charge Station will be priced at US$44.99, and will also come with 4 colour-coded Wiimote straps, so you can identify which one is yours. It uses Li-Ion batteries rather than normal Ni-Mh (according to them), and allows you to play 13 hours on your Wiimote.

You can find more here. Now, we are just waiting for an Australian release.

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