New Watch Dogs demo trailer outlines seamless multiplayer

New Watch Dogs demo trailer outlines seamless multiplayer

Watch Dogs 1

Ubisoft’s upcoming title Watch Dogs has recently released a lengthy 14-minute gameplay demo showing off some of the open world aspects of its brand new IP.

The trailer once again focuses on the central operating system or ctOS and how breaching ctOS facilities will allow players to gain the ability to hack the everyday citizens of Chicago and take advantage of local cameras, electricity grids, traffic lights as well as the crime prediction system within each district.  The crime prediction system featured in the trailer also comes with a reputation system where players are given a better score for intervening in potential crimes and can earn more rep by utilising non-lethal methods. This will ultimately change how the people of Chicago view protagonist Aiden Pearce  throughout the progression of the game.

Watch Dogs also boasts a truly unique multiplayer with other players having the capability to seamlessly hack into  another person’s game. As the player being hacked you’ll have to make a call on whether or not you will pursue the hacker or not, but if you don’t catch them straight away you can always get some good old-fashioned revenge by hacking them in kind.

Watch Dogs will be dropping on November 21st at the earliest for all current-gen systems in Australia and at launch for all next gen systems.

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