New update available for the TechGeek Windows Phone App

New update available for the TechGeek Windows Phone App


It’s been a few months since we’ve launched our Windows Phone application. While it was said that the app would be updated regularly, this promise fell through. However! We’ve just released the first major update to our Windows Phone Application, version 1.1.0. After a few major bugs being squashed in version 1.0.1 for WP7, we thought the app was due for an upgrade.

In this update, we’ve changed some of the major design components which includes the logo and colour scheme. This was done to get ready for the new TechGeek website being released soon (so really, you’re getting a sneak peak!). Additionally, we’ve changed any references of TECHGEEK to TechGeek – since that’s changed too.

Some other notable changes include:

  • The Article Page now scrolls properly with the masthead.
  • Pivot’s won’t be loaded until you move to them, dramatically increasing responsiveness for WP7.
  • Fixed Crashing in some circumstances
  • New About Page

The app is available to download now for WP7 and WP8 from the Marketplace or simply check the Updates section of your device! Suggestions/Comments/Criticisms? Let us know! Tweet us @techgeekcomau, email us or use the feedback page in the app.


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