New Rdio for Android beta available

New Rdio for Android beta available

Rdio have invited its ‘tech savvy’ users to try a the latest version of their Android app, with a redesigned look and feel which matches the new Android design language, as well as the new Rdio website design.

The dated menu of the previous version is gone, replaced with a sidebar menu, similar to that seen in the latest Facebook apps.There’s a new remote control feature as well as a redesigned player UI. Rdio also expects to be sending out a number of updates to the new beta, as changes become stable enough for the public.

It’d be great if Rdio offered a way to sync local music not available in their libraries, especially when their Australian library can lack major and minor, ‘indie’ acts, however that doesn’t look like something that will appear in this release. It is a major advantage of Spotify, no matter what your music taste is, especially when artists and labels can remove their music from the service whenever they want.

It’s still a solid update if you enjoy the current Rdio experience, and if you’d like to be a part of the new beta, you can join a Google Group here and download the APK straight to your device. As soon as it comes to Google Play, the update will install like any other.

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