New Pokemon Black & White 2 gameplay trailer released

New Pokemon Black & White 2 gameplay trailer released

Okay, a new trailer for Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 has been released by Nintendo, showing some gameplay. Yes, they’ve actually tacked on a number at the end and it will be a sequel to the popular Pokemon Black and White games.

And yes, yes, we’re kind of late in the game. It broke during the Easter week-long break. Anyway, the two games take place two years after the original Black and White games, and you have a new rival and gym leaders to battle.

No release date has been organised in the United States or Europe, but it’s coming out on June 23 in Japan. Also, it’s coming out for DS, rather than the 3DS – interesting choice of platform, but granted since most people who play the genre are kids, and kids don’t have money to spend for the Nintendo 3DS, it’s probably a good move.

New trailer is below, thanks to Andriasang.

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