New Microsoft ad: You should buy Windows because Macs don't have touchscreens

New Microsoft ad: You should buy Windows because Macs don't have touchscreens

“Honestly, I was going to get a Mac. But Macs still don’t have touchscreens, so I got a new Windows all-in-one.”

That quote comes from Microsoft’s latest ad in its “Honesty” campaign to promote Windows 8. It also represents Microsoft grasping at straws trying to find something to differentiate all the Windows PCs and laptops with the iMac and the MacBook laptop line.

Yes, it is true. Most Windows devices on the market have a touchscreen, while all Mac devices don’t. Apple has also made no indication that they will ever introduce touchscreens to the iMac, the MacBook Air or the MacBook Pro – and why would they? Unlike Windows, Mac OS X isn’t being shoehorned into tablet devices.

To be honest, no one really cares if your laptop or an all-in-one PC has a touchscreen – and I’m not saying this because I happen to own a MacBook Pro. Most people care about if the laptop will performs well for their needs and if it has a good enough battery.

However, having a touchscreen is a good feature to have if you are using Windows computer – but that’s mainly because of Windows 8 itself. The OS does not work well if you have a keyboard and mouse. I assume many OEMs realised this and just added touchscreens to minimise the user complaints.

However, this type of ad shouldn’t come to a shock to anyone. This is typical Microsoft advertising – finding something minor that they can attack its rivals and make a big deal about it.

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