New government filter to make internet slow – tech experts say

New government filter to make internet slow – tech experts say


According to technical experts talking to the Courier Mail, internet speeds could slow down the already crippled connection speeds by 30 percent if the new government filter scheme goes ahead; among other warnings – including that it would do little to block any illegal content, expose financial details of users during online banking and could see popular websites like Facebook banned from Australian computers.

The risk of exposing financial details comes after a report from ACMA saw that five of the six filters tested would filter HTTPS sites – a secure web protocol. This would effectively mean that your details would be seen by the ISPs in charge of the filter. As well, according to the president of the System Administrators Guild of Australia Donna Ashelford, the filter will only filter web traffic and not P2P networks like BitTorrent and LimeWire.

So, what do you think about the filter now? Make sure you vote in our poll – just click on the Read More link.

Image: Skye Suicide/Flickr

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