New concept challenges smartphone design with three screens

New concept challenges smartphone design with three screens

Concepts challenges the traditional boundaries of many things – and we have previously covered those who challenged designs in watches, batteries, and even your kitchen appliances. But what about the smartphone? A Danish student, Kristian Larsen, has done just that with an Android-powered, three-screen smartphone.

The three screens can be transformed in many ways, depending on what you want to do. You can have it in a candybar form, slider form or even in a triangular prism form, or even a two-screen small tablet or eBook reader. The user is in complete control, and the changes are reflected in the software. You can have one app taking multiple screens, or many apps on three separate screens.

Technical specs include that it has, according to Engadget, Super AMOLED screens protected with Gorilla Glass, steel meshing as the hinges for the phone and a QWERTY keyboard on, assuming, the back of one of the screens.

However, since it’s a concept, it is just a render. Nothing more. But, until it becomes a reality, you will be stuck with the images and the video – both of which are after the jump.

You can see more images at the website of the designer.

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