New Australian-made app to help you find local live music

New Australian-made app to help you find local live music

LiveScene, a Brisbane-based startup, is promising to help people find live music in local venues, in addition help upcoming bands and artists to promote their gig with no marketing budgets – all from a simple app released today.

With the app, users can scan for any gig happening and can share the venue to their friends on Twitter and Facebook. They can also leave comments and get directions to the venue from where they are, so you’re not lost trying to find where it is – especially if it is in an alleyway in Melbourne.

For artists and venues, promoting the gig or even a performance on the street is easy. Simply send in a push notification just before the event happens, and it will reach users who are nearby. Venues can also add deals to even entice people. For those who have limited marketing budgets to promote themselves, or rely on word of mouth, this app is great as adding an event is free.

However, in order to send a push notification or make it a “featured event”, you’ll need to pay for it. Making it a featured event is less than $1, but sending out a notification is $5.49.


The interface is easy to use, and the first screen you see is where all the upcoming events around you – or when you zoom out, around that particular region. It is heavily linked in with Facebook, with options to check-in to a particular place, send in a comment and ‘like’ the event. Though, I do hope they expand the check-in feature to include others rather than just Facebook.

However, one criticism is that it hasn’t made a clearer distinction between a user and the artist/venue. There is a manager section where you can list your applications, but promoting it through push notifications or making it a featured event is outside of that – even if I didn’t add the event or manage the venue. There really has to be more separation between the two roles.

Also, you can’t really save locations just in case you are in a poor reception area or, like me, have a iPod touch instead of an iPhone. So, hopefully that feature comes in the next update.

There are a few qualms I have with it, but it is a really good app for those looking for alternative or indie music in Australia, or simply to promote themselves with little to no cost. It is available for free in the iTunes Store.

Correction: The article previously said “LiveScribe” as the name of the company. It was a typo. Apologies.

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