New Apple Campus set to hold 12,000

New Apple Campus set to hold 12,000

Steve Jobs today presented Cupertino Council with plans for a new Apple Campus set to hold around 12,000 people. The new spaceship looking campus is set to be built on land the Apple bought off HP a while ago and will feature many environment based innovations.

The new building which Job’s wants open by 2015 will feature a 40% increase in the amount of employees able to work in there yet a 30% decrease in how much land in used by the building. There will also be a 350% in the amount of landscaping on the site as well as a 60% increase in the amount of trees. This building will feature a cafe which will be able to cater for 3,000 people in one sitting.

The building won’t contain one piece of straight glass as Job’s wants something new over the dull office buildings Apple are currently renting. Job’s claims that this building could be the “best office building in the world” and hopes that architecture students will come and study it.

Watch the video for the full presentation.

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