NETGEAR launches NeoTV Prime streaming box - includes Google TV

NETGEAR launches NeoTV Prime streaming box - includes Google TV


NETGEAR has just announced its brand new streaming box – the NeoTV PRIME. The PRIME, however, is different to the three other varieties of its NeoTV streaming box. That is because the PRIME features Google TV. At least now it is getting some traction at this year’s CES – and it took them this long?

Anyway, it does mean you have access to a whole bunch of apps, movies and music through Google Play; while also browse the web via Google Chrome. You can also connect your cable or satellite box to the PRIME and enjoy live TV channels, and picture-in-picture on the same box. And it wouldn’t be Google TV without YouTube – meaning that it makes it easier to watch funny cat videos (among other content) on your TV screen.

PRIME also includes a two-sided remote control – one with a touchscreen and directional pad, the other having a QWERTY keyboard. Of course, you can also download the Google TV remote on Google Play or the iOS App Store to control the TV from your smartphone.

It is available now in the US from major retailers, with a price tag of US$129.99. NETGEAR says that it will be available in the first half of 2013 for Australia.

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