NETGEAR introduces a wire-free monitoring system

NETGEAR introduces a wire-free monitoring system

NETGEAR, INC. NIGHT VISION CAMERANetworking company, NETGEAR have released the NETGEAR VueZone Home Monitoring system – a cost effective solution for those who want piece of mind when out of the house or away on holiday. The wire-free cameras have a 6 month battery life and wirelessly communicate to it’s base station connected to your router. With the optional infrared lamp, you’ll also be able to monitor your home in darkness.

The NETGEAR VueZone Night Vision Camera is completely wireless, no wires are needed to have this little camera up and running. NETGEAR suggests an easy 10 minute setup with no tools required. The camera operates on two small batteries which boast a 6 month battery life and the camera wirelessly communicates with it’s VueZone base station which sits next to your router. The cameras have same range as a normal 802.11 WiFi network, depending on objects in the way.

“As consumers become more connected in all aspects of their lives, they are recognizing the numerous advantages of home monitoring devices,” said Erich Volkert, senior director of VueZone product management at NETGEAR. “Our customers asked to see in the dark and we responded by adding a night vision camera that is easy to install and use. The VueZone Night Vision Camera is the first of many new exciting, innovative and helpful products that NETGEAR will deliver to help you monitor the people and things you care about most.”

The NETGEAR VueZone Home Monitoring system supports iOS and Andriod phones for mobile viewing while modern browsers such as Google Chrome and Internet Explorer are supported for viewing on the desktop. Weirdly, they’ve even added support for Netscape Navigator. The system is available right now from major retailers with a price of $129.99 USD.


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