NBN Corporate plan released - $24/month, a decade to roll out

NBN Corporate plan released - $24/month, a decade to roll out

The National Broadband Network’s plan has been released to the public, giving many politicians an early Christmas present to find out more information about the $43 billion broadband network, and the NBN Co’s actual business plan.

Wholesale pricing will start at $24 a month, with a fibre connection of 12Mbps download speed and 1Mbps upload speed. There will also be other pricing points for wholesale customers. but they have not been released as of yet. However, the speeds on offer have been released, with connections ranging from 25Mbps/10Mbps speeds to 1000Mbps/400Mbps – and trust me, the latter one is pretty fast.

There will also be options to offer IPTV services via the broadband network.

As well, NBN Co has revealed that it will take around ten years (up to 2020) to build (or lease) 120 Points of Interconnect – where traffic is exchanged between one network to another – and 980 Fibre Serving Areas across Australia, with 13 million homes targeted by 2021 and a target peak of 5,900 homes connected per day during the years of construction.

Prime Minister Julia Gillard, at a press conference, has confirmed that the ACCC will be regulating the NBN in order to ensure a uniform wholesale pricing point.

“The ACCC has advised the government that with this model, the ACCC has the regulatory powers it needs to ensure a uniform wholesale price should the market not deliver that,” she said.

Communications Minister Stephen Conroy added that the new packages will mean that it would be “affordable” to all Australians.

“NBN co will offer a range of wholesale pricing options, providing retailers with maximum flexibility to tailor their services to customers,” he said. “The way in which the NBN is being rolled out, the uniform wholesale price will obviously facilitate competition between retail providers who’ll be vying for business with competitive prices.”

Business plan is below.

NBN Co Business Plan

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