Navman refreshes EZY GPS range with 5-inch and 7-inch models

Navman refreshes EZY GPS range with 5-inch and 7-inch models

Image: Beau Giles/Flickr (Creative Commons)

Despite the undeniable shift towards all-in-one gadgets in recent years, particularly thanks to the impact of the smartphone, there is still something to be said about dedicated products that do one thing, and do it well. This is particularly noticable when talking about the modern car essential, the humble GPS. While your phone can likely get you from A to B there are still a number of issues with confidence, especially when relying on free navigation apps.

Navman would agree, obviously, because they’ve refreshed their EZY GPS lineup to include bigger screens, as well as the same ‘Lifetime Free Maps’ policy Navman has had for a few years now.

Screen Shot 2014-08-19 at 1.44.51 pm

The 5″ EZY255LMT

The two new models, awkwardly code-named as the EZY255LMT and EZY270LMT, come in a 5″ and 7″ variation, as well as a UI that Navman describes as “simple so that anyone and everyone can use the device with ease.” Obviously you might want to try it before you take their word for it.

Screen Shot 2014-08-19 at 1.44.3k

The 7″ EZY270LMT

The devices still give you access to info on traffic congestion, speed limits, as well as alerts for speed cameras, “accident blackspots”, and school zones. Because this isn’t a smartphone this data is based on statistics rather than crowdsourced realtime stats. Though in saying that, the experience likely isn’t too disimilar to up-to-the-second info. The models also include Bluetooth hands-free, fuel-station search, Navman Smart Route (basically the fastest route based on statistics), and a Logbook which should help learner-drivers, or more importantly their parent or guardian.

At launch the new devices will cost $169 for the 5″ version and $279 for the 7″ model, so if your smartphone isn’t cutting it, maybe give one of these gadgets a test-drive. Or just get a magnifying glass and live with your current GPS.

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