MySpace and Facebook to hold joint annoucement tomorrow?

MySpace and Facebook to hold joint annoucement tomorrow?

Invitations have emerged of a joint announcement between MySpace (or, my______, according to their new name) and Facebook with rumours of a possible tie-up between the two companies, even a possible MySpace ‘throwing in the towel’ to Facebook.

The invite, sent to Silicon Alley Insider, sees CEO of MySpace, Mike Jones, and VP of Partnerships and Platform Marketing, Dan Rose talking about something. So, that clearly hint at something big in terms of partnerships – and not overly grand as the ‘throwing in the towel’ suggestion appearing in the web.

Other possible suggestions is allowing Facebook users connect to MySpace in order to access MySpace’s superior entertainment offerings, thanks to its ownership with News Corp – or Facebook will use MySpace content to beef up a possible entertainment area of its own.

One thing is for sure, however. MySpace’s time as a social network is dead in the water.

It takes place tomorrow, November 19 (November 18 for those in the US), at 12PM San Francisco time.

Any thoughts? We want to hear your thoughts.

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