Multiplayer coming to Batman: Arkham Origins

Multiplayer coming to Batman: Arkham Origins

Multiplayer to Batman Arkham Origins Pic 2

Just announced in a brand new trailer today was an all new multiplayer mode for Batman: Arkham Origins, the first of its kind in the Arkhamverse. This unique form of multiplayer called ‘Invisible Predator Online’ involves taking on the role of Bane and Joker’s thugs against Robin and Batman in a 3v3v2 multiplayer layout.

Playing as the thugs, either Bane’s or Joker’s, plays out in a third person cover based shooter. From the brief trailer we can see the use of drones and standard weapons like rifles and RPGs. This multiplayer mode is being developed by Splash Games whose previous works include the game Brink.

According to the Playstation blog playing as Batman and Robin involves different intimidation levels with more diverse takedowns yielding more intimidation. In contrast if Batman or Robin are more easily taken out the thugs will increase in their own confidence level. Players playing the role of thugs may also get the opportunity to play as either Bane or the Joker once the match progresses sufficiently.

The Robin featured in this multiplayer mode is also a younger Dick Grayson although this does not tie in with the single player for Origins. Bane is also significantly larger than what we have seen in the E3 demo and much more akin to his Arkham Asylum and Arkham City variants suggesting that the events of the multiplayer is based after the events of Origins as Robin is confirmed to not appear in the game. Custom skins and unlockables will also be apart of the experience.

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