MPAA chief hints of SOPA/PIPA revival

MPAA chief hints of SOPA/PIPA revival

Image: Skye Suicide/Flickr (Creative Commons)

The controversial Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and Protect IP Act could find themselves back in the spotlight again, with the chief of the Motion Picture Association of America hinting at a possible revival of the bills.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, MPAA chief Christopher Dodd told the magazine that he was “confident” that President Obama’s relationship with Silicon Valley and Hollywood would be used to advance the bill.

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“I’ll only say to you that I’m confident he’s using his good relationships in both communities to do exactly what you and I have been talking about,” he said.

“There are not a huge number of people who understand that content and technology absolutely need each other, so I’m counting on the fact that there are people like Jeff [Skoll, founded eBay and now founder of his own film company Participant Media] and others who are smart and highly respected in both communities”

He also suggested that Steve Jobs would be a supporter of SOPA.

On negotiations, Dodd told the interviewer: “I’m confident that’s the case, but I’m not going to go into more detail because obviously if I do, it becomes counterproductive.”

The controversy stems over the overreaching powers that copyright owners would have to protect their assets – including having banned the use of filtering circumvention technologies. It even lost the support of President Obama, who threatened to veto the law. However, he has been carefully choosing his words since it is a presidential year and he needs Hollywood money to support him – especially since the rules have pretty much changed.

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