Movie World, Wet'n'Wild Sydney rolls out online food ordering

Movie World, Wet'n'Wild Sydney rolls out online food ordering


In what is described as a “world first”, Village Roadshow Theme Parks – the owners of Movie World, Sea World and the Wet’n’Wild theme parks – have partnered up with Sydney-based startup AirService to bring online food ordering to its theme park visitors.

Rolling out first to the Gotham City restaurant at Movie World, customers will use a Village-branded eServe app to order food and drink without waiting in a physical queue, allowing them to “make the most of their experience at the theme park”. When the order is ready, you simply go to the restaurant and pick up the food.

“Imagine you’re a family out at the theme park. Instead of standing in a queue with your young children and missing out on all the fun of Movie World, you just make an order and continue to enjoy the rides and entertainment until your food is ready to pick up,” Dominic Bressan, AirService CEO and co-founder, said.

Village Roadshow Theme Parks say they also plan to roll this out at another restaurant in Movie World, and at the Wet’n’Wild Sydney’s Premium Lounge. The latter will have staff deliver food to customers’ private cabanas instead of them picking it up.

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