Motion creates rugged, ultra-light tablet for professionals

Motion creates rugged, ultra-light tablet for professionals

We have not heard of this brand before, but Motion (that’s the brand name) has announced at CES that they will be releasing the first (or so they say) rugged and ultra-light tablet. Called the Motion CL900, the tablet is only 16mm thin and weighs 2.1 pounds.

The tablet promises eight hours of battery life, is able to sustain a drop of four feet, and a 10-inch touchscreen that also features Gorilla Glass – making the screen scratch-proof and dust-proof. The screen will also be protected with DuPont’s Vertak in order to reduce screen glare to improve readability. As well, users will be able to add a Gobi 3000 broadband chip that will allow 3G, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, and a GPS chip.

Other stats include 30GB or 62GB solid-state drives, and 2GB of RAM; and runs on the new Intel’s “Oak Trail” Atom processor. It will also feature two cameras – one at the front, and one at the rear; USB ports and a SD card reader.

The tablet, however, is not focused on the consumer market – despite the fact it is being released at the Consumer Electronics Show – but rather the enterprise users. So, if you wanted to get it – bad luck. However, if you are an enterprise user, it will ship at the second quarter of 2011 – with a price tag less than $1000, but it’s not known at this point.

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