Mortal Kombat: Xbox360 exclusives revealed!

Mortal Kombat: Xbox360 exclusives revealed!

In 10 days time, the new Mortal Kombat will be released everywhere except Australia (Booo!) but hopefully we will get this game sometime this year. As it was revealed, PS3 users were given an Exclusive character, Kratos from the God of War series, and an exclusive DoW themed map. This angered Xbox 360 fans as they got nothing, not even a demo. Rumours have now surfaced, saying that there might be Xbox 360 Exclusives for Mortal Kombat 9.

It has not been confirmed whether these exclusives are correct but here are a few rumours spreading around:

  • Puzzle Kombat, which was a mini-game in MK: Deception, which features online play, leaderboards, and avatar support
  • An Exclusive arena, The Pit 360, which is a remake of The Pit III from MK 3
  • King of the Hill mode will include avatar support (screenshots have been found on youtube)– As well as exclusive avatar gear will be available for purchase from the Avatar Marketplace

Thanks do, an image was found which greatly shows that there IS Xbox 360 Exclusive features. In this image, there are 2 fighers, with 2 Chibi-looking MK characters in the bottom corners. Also, it looks like there are Xbox 360 avatars at the bottom in the ‘audience’, watching the fight.

[blackbirdpie id=”56375518521602048″]

According to Ed Boon, the Creative Developer of NetherRealm Studios, there are a lot of rumours on the internet that are untrue, Do you think there will be ANY exclusives for the Xbox 360?

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