Mortal Kombat Ban Update + We Dare?

It has been under a week since the Australian Classification Board had refused classification for the upcoming, highly anticipated Mortal Kombat game.

There have been many cases where publishers whose games have been banned from sale have successfully changed the board’s decision by submitting a modified, toned down version. Even though these modifications are being made, most greatly affect gameplay and make the game less enjoyable. In the case of Mortal Kombat, Warner Bros have said that they would not be toning down MK9 as “that wouldn’t be Mortal Kombat”. MK9 without blood, or fatalities, anyone? Exactly.

Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment (WBIE) are currently addressing all options to reverse the decision by the the Australian classification board, which includes an appeal (Warner Brothers have been previously successful with the games Aliens vs. Predator and F.E.A.R. 2, both being given an MA15+ classification on appeal)

So who knows, there is a chance that Mortal Kombat will be released in Australia.

In other news, the trailer for We Dare, by Ubisoft was released for the game featuring two couples engaged in simulated kissing, before the women lie on over the laps of each other’s male partner with the Wiimote tucked in the back of their pants/ skirts, where spanking is to be performed to play the minigame.

Afterwards, the couples who mix and match partners, are later shown performing a striptease, which is also featured as part of the game.
The game also includes 35 “fun and flirtatious” mini-games, which includes games like pole dancing.

Click Here to watch the We Dare Trailer

Ubisoft, the game’s developers had suggested their game ‘We Dare’ to be given an M rating, as it included mature minigames. but the Australian Classification Board decided that despite the sexual innuendos in the game, We Dare is an enjoyable, party game, giving it a PG rating.

The decision to ban Mortal Kombat while giving We Dare a PG rating has shown us the morals of the Australian Classification Board regarding censorship. It appears that games that promote things like spanking, stripping and partner swapping are deemed acceptable for children to play, while hardcore simulated on-screen violence is a massive no! no!

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