More SkyDrive leaks - BitLocker recovery, support for OpenDocument

More SkyDrive leaks - BitLocker recovery, support for OpenDocument

More leaks have started to appear in relation to new features coming soon to Windows Live SkyDrive. The new features could be a sign that Microsoft is actually taking the much-rumoured Google Drive threat seriously.

According to LiveSide, new features include BitLocker recovery keys storage on SkyDrive – meaning that you can recover any protected files via the cloud if you forgot your password; and accessing files on a local computer via the native apps on Mac and Windows through SkyDrive.

Other features include new support for OpenDocument formats such as .odt, .odp and .ods. So, if you use OpenOffice or LibreOffice, you can now store documents under those formats to SkyDrive. Also, users will soon be able to upload files up to 300MB to the storage service – matching the limit increase by Dropbox.

All these are expected to be part of the new Wave update for Windows Live SkyDrive. And if they are serious about Google Drive, they really should launch these sometime soon to even further the gap between them and Google.

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