More problems plauge iPhone users; now it's the proximity sensor

More problems plauge iPhone users; now it's the proximity sensor

Poor, poor iPhone 4. First it was the antennas, now its apparently the proximity sensor that is now on the litany of problems for the latest update of the so-called God device.

Those for not in the know, the proximity sensor tells how close your face is to the phone, so it knows when to not to activate the touch capabilities on the screen – so you don’t accidental hang up when your face is on the screen.

The problem has to do with the fact that the sensor is, according to ZDNet, too sensitive, miscalibrated or even both.

It also doesn’t help when there are 66 pages worth of complaints on the Apple Support forums complaining about the same issues. Here are some now:

I am having the same issue. I am holding my phone in the exact same way I always did with my 3G, and it is right up against my face, but it continuously switches the screen on and off. I was just on a 10 minute call where mute was turned on 3 times and speaker once, all by my ear.

My wife and I both have the same exact problem with out phones. I was on an hour phone call this evening and my phone muted me 5 times, put me on hold and tried calling my work and then put me on hold and tried to send a text message to my work. This is very dissapointing (sic). Ok, that last one with the text message is kind of funny. But for someone who has had apple products for years on end, this is about the worst experience I’ve had so far.

I am having the same issue with my iPhone 4. On a call I either hangup, mute or one time initiated another call with on a call while walking down the street. I have tried the reset all settings issue without any positive results. I just hope this is an issue that can be resolved with a software fix.

However, it seems to be only affecting some people, as many seem to either can replicate it or cannot replicate the problem. What is also weird is that how to fix the problem vary as well. We’re hearing that you should go to the Settings app, go to General then press Reset, then choose the “All Settings” option (this does not erase your apps, media, photos, emails or any other data).

Another one is just reset the network settings, or clearing your Safari cache.

We are unsure if this is actually a software bug or a hardware bug. If it is a hardware bug, then that means the iPhone 4 could be delayed in international territories outside of the five countries that got the iPhone 4 so that bug can be fixed.

Currently, Apple has not released anything about that issue.

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