Monster and actor Nick Cannon announce its new headphones range

Monster and actor Nick Cannon announce its new headphones range

NTune On- Ear Headphones

Two new headphones with under a new partnership with actor and rapper Nick Cannon’s company NCredible Entertainment have been unveiled by Monster Cable – known for their affiliation with Beats by Dr Dre. The NCredible headphone range promise high-level audio performance and excellent design.

The NTune are on-ear headphones, and they are lightweight making them more comfortable for a long day’s use. In addition, they feature a tangle-free cord and a low profile right angle connector that adds supposed comfort and flexibility.

Nergy In- Ear Headphones

The Nergy, however, are in-ear headphones that promises to pack in astoundingly big sound despite the size thanks to audio innovations such as new drivers. They also feature unique ear buds that snap together and create a necklace – yes, because I absolutely want to wear my headphones as a necklace.

Both also will have Monster’s ControlTalk Universal, allowing support of its music playback controls on most Android and BlackBerry phones; in addition to hands free calling.

No date has been revealed, but it’ll most likely come alongside the line of bags coming in June. The NTune will retail for US$129.95, and the Nergy for US$69.95.

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