Monash Uni sites defaced, no data compromised

Monash Uni sites defaced, no data compromised

Monash University sites were defaced during the weekend by an unknown hacker, leaving its sites with a picture of Iran with the Iranian flag inside for two hours before they were restored. The unversity is the second Australia university that has had a massive breach.

The hacker, yaser007, defaced 35 different domains under the Monash University domain; and all have been posted on Zone-H – a website known for reporting breaches in security.

Monash University’s Chief Information Officer, Ian E Tebbett, wrote in an email to all students that the attack “was limited to the publishing of non-Monash material on the externally-facing web site.”

“I can report that the issue was quickly identified and dealt with. No university data was compromised, and none of the university’s corporate enterprise systems (e.g. SAP, Callista) were breached,” he said. “It appears that neither Monash, nor the wider Australian Higher Education Community, were a specific target.”

He has confirmed that they have contacted the authorities to investigate the matter, as well as conducting an internal investigation.

Another Australian university, the University of New South Wales, has faced similar defacement of its websites and had to get two security firms in order to investigate the breach. The University has also had a major data scare when it was revealed that the site’s HECS database was publicly available.

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