MOG music streaming service released in Australia

MOG music streaming service released in Australia

Today, Australians have a new option for streaming music. The US-based service, MOG has partnered with Telstra to offer 16 million songs through a web browser, iOS, Android or PC/Mac client. The MOG team is advertising their service has high quality, offering 320kbps streaming (the same as Spotify). The service starts at $6.99 for a basic subscription service. More after the break.

Songs can be listened to online and downloaded to be listened to offline, as well. The $6.99 subscription is a PC-only service and the $11.99 subscription allows you to use the mobile app. There is no free ad-supported version, only a 14 day free trial.

Compared to other services available in Australia, MOG has a simple and easy to use interface but isn’t deeply integrated with social networks unlike other services. The MOG music catalogue is comparable to other services with most major labels. MOG users can send links to music via Facebook or Twitter and also shows music recommendations from friends on Facebook.

The Telstra partnership comes with unmetered data streaming for BigPond and NextG customers.

To check out MOG, simply got to and sign up for the 14 day free trial.

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