MOG coming to Australia, partners with Telstra

MOG coming to Australia, partners with Telstra

Another streaming service is coming to Australia – this time, it’s US-based MOG. However, unlike Rdio and JB Hi-Fi, MOG has partnered with Telstra to stream its entire music catalogue of music to Australians.

“Australia is a key, major music market and we’re pleased to be the sole provider of on-demand streaming music for the leading telecommunications provider in Australia,” David Hyman, founder and CEO of MOG, said in a statement.

MOG is set to be launched in a couple of months – and users will be able to access the service via the mobile apps, the desktop via its HTML5 player. Users will also be able to download the songs to their phones if there is no data connection, and will be able to have a Pandora-style radio service that will play songs from and that sound similar to a particular artist.

For MOG, Australia is its first country outside the United States that it will expand to. And while Telstra has an exclusive arrangement, users on any network will still be able to access the service.

But with Spotify coming in the mix, and Rdio and JB Hi-Fi NOW making some impact, is it going to be a crowded market relatively soon? Plus, can we expect an increase in data if more and more people come onto the service? We’ll see.

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