MobileMe gets a Facelift, Find My iPhone App as well.

MobileMe gets a Facelift, Find My iPhone App as well.

What a way to end the week. On top of the news that there has been over 600,000 iPhone 4 orders, a new Mac mini and a FCC inquiry into possible anti-competitive practices by Apple, the big fruit has updated its MobileMe Web Interface and launched a new Find My iPhone App.

Web Update

Remember the Mail Beta and the iPadded-like GUI? Well, welcome that to the rest of the site. Sort of. Apple has now redesigned the colour scheme, moving away from the grey, corporate look to a more humane, iPad-like blue.

The Apple menubar has been altered to reflect this and now has a single button to bring up all the applications in an Command+Tab (Alt-Tab in Windoze speak). Most of the buttons have also become a nice blue as well. (And pulsing).

Mail now is ‘live updating’  and provides 3 main views: compact, widescreen or classic. Composing a message is still very simple to do. It also now gives you the ability to create rules that exist on the MobileMe server. Messages are sorted here first, before arriving on the device.

Contacts, Calendar, Gallery, iDisk and Account have had minor service tweaks and UI changes to suit the new iPad-themed style of MobileMe. iDisk now allows you to keep a copy of any emails sent when you share an email in your Mail’s Sent box.

By far the biggest change is the new Find My iPhone page. Rather then being located on a small page under account, has changed to and now takes up the whole screen (but still requires you to retype your password.)

The loading screen has a quick flash of the continents bathed in Apple goodness. The screen afterwards is filled with a gorgeous Google Maps view with your iPhone/iPad on top. Changing between Map, Satellite or Hybrid is still available as well as the simple tools for navigating – only they have had the Apple designers let loose on them.

Interacting with your iDevice is as simple as clicking on it, and selecting what to do.

To access your account, there is now a new ‘current logged in’ user area that, when clicked, brings up the menu.

Across all the applications, there is also a gear icon that unifies common functions within the specific web app, such as accessing Preferences.

Find My iPhone App

Yes thats right. In addition to the new interface, Apple Inc. has also released a Find My iPhone App that can be installed on your iPod touch, iPhone or iPad. It can provide lists of current locations of different phones and their status as well as Display a message with/without sound, remote wipe or remote lock. Just search ‘Find My iPhone’ in the App Store.

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