Mobile telco Yatango lets you make your own plans, earn credit for being social

Mobile telco Yatango lets you make your own plans, earn credit for being social


A brand new telco has open up today, promising to be transparent and flexible compared to their bigger rivals. Called Yatango, it is fully integrated with Facebook – meaning that you can earn extra credit and get discounts on its rates by simply getting your family and friends connected.

Yatango is similar to Amaysim and Kogan Mobile in that you buy a SIM card from them, bring in an unlocked phone and port your number. It runs on Optus’ network; so if Optus is particularly bad in your area, then this will not solve your problems. And if you’re looking for 4G data – it is not available as of yet (they say it is “coming soon”).

In terms of plans, Yatango doesn’t have any proper plans. Instead, they offer ‘packs’ of voice, data and SMS – meaning that you can customise a plan based around what you use instead what the telcos offer. For example, you may have a plan that offers 400 hours of calls and 1.5GB of data but you only use 500MB of data and nearly all your phone hours. Instead of maintaining that plan just for the calls, just reduce the data cap.

It will also let you track what you use in real-time through its online dashboard, with a mobile app coming soon. Also, you can have up to 3 SIM cards on one account – which means that you can use one plan for your iPhone, iPad and a Wi-Fi hotspot.

Promoting itself to being a social telco, it lets users earn credit by simply signing up their family and friends to the network or even just calling them if they are under your “connections” list. You can even earn credits for helping answer questions in the community forum. Yatango also will reduce the price of rates if the number of subscribers hit certain numbers – so if they have 25,000 subscribers, all users will get a 3% discount of all rates.

At the moment, you can only buy the SIM card through Yatango’s website – though, you will need a Facebook account to sign up.

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