Microsoft: Xbox One finally confirms its used games policy, will not charge a fee (for most games)

Microsoft: Xbox One finally confirms its used games policy, will not charge a fee (for most games)


Microsoft has finally outlined its used games policy – two weeks after the Xbox One launch. The company has confirmed that gamers will be able to give the disc to your friends – with some restrictions – and you will be able to trade-in some of your games at “participating resellers” at no cost.

On giving games to your friends, Microsoft will not charge a fee when you transfer the game to one of your friends. However your friend must be on your friends list for at least 30 days, and you can only give the game once.

For trading-in games, Microsoft has also confirmed that there will be no fee charged to retailers, publishers and consumers. However this will depend on the publisher: first-party games will give you the option to trade-in or transfer the game to friends. However, third-party titles can opt-in or opt-out of game reselling and even giving games to your friends, and can even set their own terms.

“In our role as a game publisher, Microsoft Studios will enable you to give your games to friends or trade in your Xbox One games at participating retailers. Third party publishers may opt in or out of supporting game resale and may set up business terms or transfer fees with retailers.  Microsoft does not receive any compensation as part of this. In addition, third party publishers can enable you to give games to friends. Loaning or renting games won’t be available at launch, but we are exploring the possibilities with our partners.,” Microsoft said in a blog post.

Your friends and family will be able to access your entire games library when they play on your console. However, you can also assign up to ten members of your family to have a shared games library on any Xbox One – meaning that your brother, for example, can play Forza Motorsport at a friend’s house by using their Xbox Live account.

Simply put – if you are not planning to transfer the game, you will be able to essentially play the game on another console. It does require your friend to have access to their family’s shared library – and probably means they have to act as the primary person.

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