Microsoft to give Hotmail users POP3 access

Microsoft to give Hotmail users POP3 access

Wlhlogo RUMOUR MILL : Microsoft may be allowing people to have access to their Hotmail e-mails on different e-mail clients via POP3, according to several sites pointing to a forum posting on, posted on December 31 last year.

User cebcubs asked if the rumour “that a few of the features of Hotmail Plus (namely, POP3 feature) will be available in early 2009” was true , and a “Windows Live Isabel M” told her:

Yes, cebcubs, there is a plan on releasing POP3 to free Hotmail account users. However, we still do not have a definite date on when this will happen. We’ll keep everyone posted once the feature becomes available.

Previously, the only way to have POP3 access to your Hotmail account was go buy its Hotmail Plus service, which costs $19.95 per year. But, will this push Hotmail in the lead – since many free email services, like Yahoo Mail and GMail, don’t offer a similar service (unless paying for it, except for GMail, since it doesn’t offer it at all).

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