Microsoft shows off Surface in new US ad campaign, leaves out any pricing details

Microsoft shows off Surface in new US ad campaign, leaves out any pricing details

Microsoft’s first Surface TV ad will air tonight on the US sport network ESPN, as part of a US$1 billion campaign which has already seen a Windows 8 ad (embedded below) and now a Microsoft Surface ad.

The colourful, energetic ad, actually seems like a persuasive piece, something Microsoft can rarely achieve. However, without any details on pricing, and the release date looming, that anticipation could  quickly evaporate. If the Surface’s pricing isn’t competitive with the iPad’s, Microsoft will have a big problem on their hands.

There are two possible outcomes that can emerge from this lack of pricing: they could either be getting ready to surprise consumers with a cheap Surface, as previous rumours suggested, or it could be an attempt to gain attention before revealing a painful price of entry.

Either way, above is the glossy new Surface ad, highlighting the first-party magnetic keyboard accessory that will be available at launch, with plenty of well-timed clicks, similar to the Apple’s SmartCover, but at the same time in a completely different league of its own, seeing as this can be functional, as well as convenient. The Surface goes on safe October 27, however it’s unknown whether Australia will even get a release, and at the moment, unlikely. Stay tuned though for more details as they become available. Oh, and here’s a Windows 8 ad too.

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