Microsoft required the change SkyDrive name after court ruling

Microsoft required the change SkyDrive name after court ruling
Stewart Wilson / TechGeek

Stewart Wilson / TechGeek

A court in the UK has ruled that Microsoft is infringing on the “Sky” trademark owned by British Sky Broadcasting Group (BSkyB). As a result, Microsoft have agreed to change the name of it’s cloud-based storage service. In a settlement, BSkyB has agreed to allow Microsoft reasonable time to continue using the brand while they transition to a new brand.

A spokesperson from Microsoft has confirmed the name change in a statement to The Verge: “We’re glad to have resolution of this naming dispute, and will continue to deliver the great service our hundreds of millions of customers expect, providing the best way to always have your files with you.”

It’s been fun SkyDrive! I really do love the name and I’d love to see what the new brand for the service will be. Even though the brand will be changing, the service will remain the same.

Source: The Verge

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