Microsoft pushes users to (finally) stop using IE6

Microsoft pushes users to (finally) stop using IE6

It’s time. Microsoft has now started a brand new push to finally get rid of the scourge known as Internet Explorer with a brand new website to promote the killing off of the once-most popular browser in the entire world (back in the year 2001).

The new site,, shows that the browser still holds 12% of the browser market share globally – though, in many countries that is less than 5 percent. While 3.2% of Australians still use the browser, a shockingly high 34.5% of people in China use the browser – and that could be due to the constant piracy problems that Microsoft has had in place and that it previously limited upgrades to IE6 to those behind its Windows Genuine Activation program.

Other places with high numbers are mainly concentrated in Asia – Taiwan with 10.7%, South Korea with 24.8%, Japan with 10.3% and India with 12.3%. Other places with high numbers include South Africa with 8.4%, and Saudi Arabia with 10.7%.

“Its name was Internet Explorer 6. Now that we’re in 2011, in an era of modern web standards, it’s time to say goodbye,” it says on its website.

The main reason why IE6 is still hanging on is because corporations still run old systems relying on the outdated browser. Well, Microsoft is now pushing you to jump the IE6 bandwagon and upgrade the damn browser with some handy resources.

If you are still using IE6, and I know some of you are still, GET ON A BRAND NEW VERSION!

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