Microsoft Office for iPad to be released in coming weeks

Microsoft Office for iPad to be released in coming weeks


Hot off the heels of OneNote coming to Mac, The Verge is reporting that Microsoft Office for iPad, which had reportedly been completed a while ago, will finally be released in the coming weeks. At a keynote in San Francisco on March 27th, new Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella will be showing off the app as part of Microsoft’s new “mobile first, cloud first” strategy.

However, it isn’t going to be a big change from Microsoft, with sources also stating that the apps features will be more similar to the existing, and pathetically limited, iPhone Office app. Also, don’t expect Microsoft’s OneNote charity to last, with Office for iPad requiring an Office 365 subscription for use.

If it’s anything like the iPhone app, then it’ll be an entirely underwhelming event. Here’s hoping The Verge’s source is wrong, which I doubt.

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