Microsoft extends Windows security update lifecycle for consumers

Microsoft extends Windows security update lifecycle for consumers

Just when you thought Windows XP was dead, Microsoft has yet again extended its support life cycle policies to 8 April 2014 for XP. Meanwhile, Vista’s support has been extended to 11 April 2017 and Windows 7 will stop being supported in 7-8 years, which is 14 January 2020.

This means that if any big security flaws are found in XP, Vista or 7 then they will be patched, until the support date comes

A Microsoft spokesperson officially commented on the news to ZDNet saying:

Microsoft is updating the Support Lifecycle policy for Windows desktop operating systems, including Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

The update will provide a more consistent and predictable experience for customers using  Microsoft Windows operating systems across OEM, consumer and business editions.

Microsoft still requires that customers have the most current Service Pack installed in order to continue to receive updates.

Through this update, customers who remain on the most current supported service pack will be eligible to receive both Mainstream and Extended Support, for a total of 10 years. 

It’s crazy that Microsoft is continuing to support XP, even though it came out all the way back in October 2001, but I guess you could also say that it shows they are dedicated to their users. Here’s hoping this doesn’t take away too much focus from their newer products.

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